General Terms and Conditions

Apartmenthub, located at Leidsestraat 30C, 1017 PB Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands,

Article 1 Applicability
These Mediation Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and all mediation assignments, as well as the resulting additional mediation agreement(s) and agreements between Apartmenthub and the prospective tenant, hereinafter referred to as the 'Client.'

Article 2 Definitions

2.1. Apartmenthub: A real estate mediation agency registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 74255142, hereinafter referred to as 'Agent.'

2.2. Prospective Tenant: Any natural or legal person who instructs the Agent to mediate in the search for housing that does not belong to the Agent's portfolio.

2.3. Mediation is understood as the Agent's best efforts to connect the Client with potential landlords, in exchange for a mediation fee (commission) paid by the Client, in order to enter into a lease agreement for residential space, including the Agent's assistance in viewing one or more residential properties as referred to in article 7:425 of the Dutch Civil Code.

2.4. Mediation fee or commission means the consideration payable by the Client to the Agent for their mediation services.

2.5. Provisions deviating from these general mediation terms and conditions only form part of the agreement between the parties if and to the extent that the parties have expressly agreed to this in writing.

2.6. 'In writing' in these general mediation terms and conditions also includes: by email, by fax, or any other means of communication that, in terms of technology and prevailing social conventions, is equivalent.

2.7. The written advice, documents, (valuation) reports, surveys, etc., to be prepared by the Agent or provided by the Client will hereinafter be referred to as 'the documents.' 'The documents' refer to written documents and works stored on other media, such as computer disks, USB drives, or any other data carriers unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
2.8. The Agent reserves the right to amend the general mediation terms and conditions in the event of changes in regulations.
2.9. The non-applicability of a (part of a) provision of these general mediation terms and conditions for any reason does not affect the applicability of the other provisions.

Article 3 Agreements and Assignments

3.1. Verbal agreements are binding on the Agent only after they have been confirmed in writing by the Agent or as soon as the Agent has started the execution of the activities with the Client's consent.

3.2. Additions or amendments to the general mediation terms and conditions or other changes or additions to the agreement become binding only after written confirmation by the Agent.

Article 4 Client's Obligations, Commission Payment
4.1. The Client must ensure that the data required for the execution of the agreement are provided to the Agent in a timely manner and in the form desired by the Agent.

4.2. The Client must cooperate fully in all respects to ensure the proper execution of the mediation agreement by both parties. The Client shall not do or refrain from doing anything that could hinder or impede the proper execution of this agreement.

4.3. If the Client and/or their contacts end up living in a residential property for which the Client obtained the data from the Agent, the Client owes the commission to the Agent, whether or not the lease agreement was concluded through the Agent's mediation.

4.4. If, for any reason, the Client does not move into the property for which a lease agreement was concluded through the Agent's mediation, or if the lease agreement for this property is terminated, annulled, or dissolved, the Client must pay €500,-, and the Client is not entitled to a full or partial refund.

4.5. If, after agreeing to rent a residential property, the Client, for reasons not attributable to the Agent, no longer wishes to rent the property, the Client is required to pay the Agent an amount equal to the commission that would have been payable to the Agent if a lease agreement had been definitively concluded with the respective landlord. In addition, the Client is required to indemnify the Agent for any damages incurred by the respective landlord.

4.6. If the obligations mentioned in this article are not fulfilled in a timely manner, the Agent is entitled to suspend the execution of the agreement until the Client fulfills these obligations. The costs related to the delay or the costs of additional work or other resulting consequences are borne by the Client.

4.7. If the Client requests Apartmenthub to submit a rental proposal to a third party, actually has Apartmenthub submit it to a third party, and then, for reasons not attributable to Apartmenthub, decides not to proceed with an object, the Client owes an amount of €500,- excluding VAT.

Article 5 Personal Data
The personal data of the Client will be recorded in the Agent's administration. The Agent will not provide data to third parties without the Client's consent. The registered data will be used solely by the Agent for the execution of agreements concluded with the Client.

Article 6 Progress, Execution of the Assignment/Agreement
6.1. The Agent is obliged to execute the assignment/agreement in a professional, careful manner, and in accordance with the prevailing standards in their industry.

6.2. The Agent cannot be compelled to commence the execution of the work until all necessary data is in their possession.

Article 7 Duration of Agreement, Agent's Best Efforts
7.1. An agreement for mediation is concluded for an indefinite period unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7.2. The Agent will use their best efforts and knowledge to achieve the desired or intended result of the Client. This is always an obligation of effort by the Agent and not a result obligation. If the desired result does not materialize, it does not release the Client from their obligations to the Agent, except for any obligations explicitly linked to achieving the intended result.

Article 8 Termination and Termination of the Mediation Agreement
8.1. Unless otherwise agreed and without prejudice to the other provisions in these general mediation terms and conditions, the mediation agreement ends, among other things, by:
a. fulfillment of the agreement by the Agent;
b. termination by the Client;
c. termination by the Agent.

8.2. The agreement is considered fulfilled once the intended result is achieved.
8.3. The Client and the Agent are entitled to terminate this agreement at any time.

8.4. Termination of the agreement by notice does not entitle the parties to claim damages unless termination is due to a failure to fulfill one or more obligations by the other party.

Article 9 Mediation Commission
9.1. The prospective tenant gives the Agent an assignment to search for residential space that largely or entirely meets the specified selection preferences. The Agent operates according to the 'No Cure No Pay' principle. After suitable residential space is found for the prospective tenant through the Agent's mediation, the prospective tenant owes the Agent a mediation commission (equivalent to one month's rent, excluding VAT) if the Agent brings about a lease agreement through their mediation. These mediation fees must be paid before the keys to the rented property are handed over.

9.2. If the due amount is not paid within the payment term, a reminder is sent. If the claim is not settled within 7 days after the first reminder, a second reminder is sent. With the second reminder, the prospective tenant owes the Agent contractual interest

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